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we'll make it if you believe...

She screamed Claudio, Dear Claudio
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I'm Donna.
The 3 things that I'm interested in the most are:
I love Cody very much and I'm with him most of the time. The only female that I trust besides Britta lately is Krista. Me and other females don't get along very well. I have a 75 El Camino that I'm growing to hate at times. I'm a little over 5 feet tall and it's really not made for me. I don't do any after school activities or any sports. I'm a Senior and I can't wait to graduate. I like lots of music. I like emo, hardcore, country, classic rock, some rap, techno, and pretty much anything except for shit like ICP, Saliva, and all of that other gay stuff. I love going to the movies, a lot. I like rodeos and I recently went to a demolition derby and found that very fun also. I'm a strange combination of lots of things and if you'd like to get to know me better.. you should comment.

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